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Terms of Service

ILIAS regulations for users

Only the German version is legally binding; this translation is only intended to assist your understanding.

A) Login

  1. Members of the University can log in to the ILIAS system with their username and password for the University's computer network ('ZIM-Kennung'). External users (members of partner universities or other higher education institutions) should contact the Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) for account credentials for the ILIAS system.
  2. You should keep your account credentials confidential; never divulge your username and password to others. As a user, you are fully responsible for any misuse of your account brought about by any fault of your own.

B) Using the ILIAS e-platform

  1. You should ensure that the e-mail address registered in the system is up-to-date and functioning
  2. When using the ILIAS system, you must comply with existing laws and regulations; in particular you must not:
    1. harass or insult others, or upload or send libellous or threatening content to other users
    2. break copyright laws, particularly by making copies of any kind of the uploaded learning materials and providing them to others, irrespective of whether you are an authorised user or your authorisation has been terminated.
      The above does not extend to the creation of automatic temporary copies by the web browser, which is an unavoidable, automatic process, or printing out teaching materials for personal study.
    3. infringe upon any regulations indended to protect minors
  3. Moreover, you undertake not to run any applications that could potentially alter the data structure of ILIAS.
  4. You may not use the ILIAS Learning Management System to distribute advertising and promotional messages.
  5. The intended use of ILIAS primarily encompasses the following:
    1. for students: access to and use of the learning materials, as well as the learning, research and communication functionality provided by ILIAS.
    2. for lecturers: the ability to upload teaching/learning materials and content to ILIAS.
  6. Exceptionally, students may be authorised to upload learning materials in ILIAS.
  7. If you contravene one of the above rules, you have to compensate any injured party for any damage caused. The Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) has the right to suspend any user's ILIAS account temporarily or permanently, if it gains knowledge of any breach of the rules and regulations.
  8. The Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability of the learning platform and the content stored thereon.

C) Logging of user actions in ILIAS

  1. Every user action while logged in to the ILIAS learning management system is logged. The log includes the following information: date and time, the IP address assigned to the client device, and the accessed web page.
  2. By accepting this user agreement, you agree that the above personal data may be used in anonymous form for statistical purposes and may be published.

D) Legal disclaimer

  1. The Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) is the service provider for the e-learning platform as per the definition of §10 of the German Telemedia Act ('Telemediengesetz').
  2. Accordingly, the Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) is not responsible for external information provided in ILIAS or linked to through ILIAS, except in the following circumstances:
  3. The previous item does not apply if the Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM), as the service provider, fails to remove this information from its servers or restrict access to it despite having gained knowledge of the unlawful act or information.
  4. §10 sentence 2 of the German Telemedia Act does not apply to theCentre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM)e.
  5. Furthermore, the Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) expressly rejects any claim of ownership of the content of third-party websites made accessible to users via hyperlinks on the ILIAS platform and cannot guarantee that the content of said websites is factually correct, complete or accessible. The Centre for Information Technology and Media Management (ZIM) cannot be held responsible for any unlawful or illegal content on linked-to websites.
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